New compilation of poems and short stories. Features work By the great u v ray, Mark SaFranko, Danny D Ford, Isabelle Walker and more. Out in hardcover.

New collection of poems from David Mac. This is a stunning gathering of lonely, blood warm insights. Not a word is wasted

as every single bullseye is hit.


A new collection of poems from Danny D ford.  Funny, moving and sometimes raw but always dead on.

A new chapbook of poems dealing with desire, loss and acceptance. 

The new novella by u.v.ray.   "A dark story that continues u.v's exceptional ability to write about life in the shadows of a sick society"  - Gil De Ray. 

A new Short story from the great Mark SaFranko. The curse is a simple fable about a writers life. And how even as it slowly goes out, there is still some irrational hope. Paperback.

A collection of poets from both sides of the pond. Featuring work from Mark SaFranko, Steve Passey, Douglas Bales, David Mac and more. Printed in hardcover.

Written over two days All The Mermaids I Have Drowned deals with digging up the bones and picking at them one last time. The first of our smaller chapbooks.

Our first book. Released in hardcover these poems cover loneliness, drinking the grind of work and the razor charm of women.  




















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